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McCormick Care Group Board of Directors 2018-2019

McCormick Care Group Board of Directors 2018-2019

Janice McCallum – Chair

Kathy Parker – Vice Chair

Cathie Auger

Anne Alexander

Helen Connell

Anne Dennerley

Anna-Marie Duffy

Trish Fulton

Amy Gibbons

Elaine Gibson

Cate Grainger

Beth Mitchell

Leone Rowland

Jane Rylett

Joyce Thomas

Deborah Ward

Heather Wright

Board Members 2017-2018

Board Members 2017-2018

Top row (l-r): Trish Fulton (chair), Janice McCallum (vice-chair), Anne Alexander, Cathie Auger, Helen Connell, Anne Dennerley, Anna-Marie Duffy, Amy Gibbons.

Bottom row (l-r): Elaine Gibson, Cate Grainger, Beth Mitchell, Kathy Parker, Leone Rowland, Jane Rylett, JoAnne Teske, Heather Wright.

Special thanks to our 2017-2018 Community Member Angela Jonkhans.

In Memoriam: Catherine Finlayson, McCormick Care Group Board Member – 2012-2017