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Research Activity

Research Activity

Dementia Research

As part of the McCormick Care Group’s goal to advance dementia care, exploring new ways to provide care and support is an integral aspect of this effort. This exploration involves collaborating in research activity and working with our community partners to discover how we can enhance the lives of those in our care.


The Impact of Data Collection Methods on Fall Prevention

McCormick Dementia Research is working with Fanshawe College on a research study of whether or not the data-collection process for a resident’s health status and care plan impacts the frequency of falls.

Optimizing the Design of Living Spaces for People with Dementia

McCormick Dementia Research is working with Fanshawe College on a research study of the design of living spaces and the associated impacts on quality of life for people with dementia.

Technology and the Use of Tablets to Facilitate Care Documentation

McCormick Dementia Research is working with Fanshawe College on a research study involving the use of tablet technology to facilitate the way resident care is documented.

 Animal Assisted Therapy Project Phase II

The second phase of the research study of the impacts of animal therapy on managing aggressive behaviours in people with dementia is looking at the experience and perspective of the staff involved.

Animal Assisted Therapy Project

A study of the interaction between therapy animals and people with dementia may assist in managing behaviours and reduce the need for pharmacological interventions.

Actigraph Research Project with St. Joseph’s Health Care

A study of the physical movements of people with dementia may assist in predicting the onset of agitated behavioural responses and enable caregivers to proactively redirect or reduce such behaviours.

Enhanced Caregiver Series

WCA Collaborates with Western University and Behavioural Supports Ontario with the Support of McCormick Care Foundation

Therapeutic Garden Project

The WCA, the McCormick Care Foundation, and Westminster College Foundation Support a Therapeutic Garden Project at Fanshawe College and Alzheimer Outreach Services

Announcement of Joint Research Project with the Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care on Adult Day Program Evaluation

Catherine Blake, WCA Research Assistant and Allison Eades, Baycrest Research Assistant

Oral Health in Long-term Care Homes: A Quality Improvement Project

Jacqueline Borrie, Lawson Health Research Institute

Social Relationships in Long-Term Care

Katherine Boughton, Brescia University College

Dementia and Palliative Care

Emily Hill , Western University

How Dementia Care Knowledge is Shared Among Caregivers

Ryan DeForge, PhD, Western University

Benefits of Exercise in Dementia Care

Susan Muir, Western University

Related Impacts to Dementia Care

Natalie Cooper, University of Manitoba

We welcome any inquiries into our research activities. Please feel free to contact CEO Steve Crawford at or 519-432-2648 ext. 2319 for more information.