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Tips on Providing Care


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Click to open an image showing the areas of the body at risk of pressure ulcers when lying down. See videos below for helpful positioning information to prevent pressure ulcers.


Transferring and Positioning

Assisting with a One-Person Transfer

Assisting with a Two-Person Transfer

Transferring a Person from a Chair to a Bed

How to Prevent Pressure Ulcers for a Person with Dementia

Repositioning the Sleeping Position of a Person with Limited Mobility


Dressing and Grooming

How to Help Dress a Person with Limited Upper Body Mobility

The Importance of Appearance
Strategies When Providing Personal Care
Assisting with Nail Care

Washroom and Bathing

How to Encourage Use of the Washroom

Distraction Strategies

Incontinence Product Options

Changing an Incontinence Product

Helpful Tips for Bathing


Refusing Medication: Part I

Refusing Medication: Part II