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Message from the Chair

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Message from the Chair


Momentum is picking up as we progress toward our dementia leadership goal. In the fall we released a summary of our year-one strategic accomplishments, and I am particularly pleased at how much we have achieved due to the many dedicated volunteers and staff members who have contributed their time, effort and talent toward our objective.

In particular, I would like to express my gratitude to the volunteer members of our Quality of Work Life and Relationship-Centred Care action teams, comprised of hardworking and dedicated staff who bring a special brand of passion and commitment to their work. The culture in our organization is changing – we are becoming more aware of how we demonstrate our organizational values of compassion, accountability,  respect, excellence and collaboration, as well as how each of us contributes toward our shared mission to enhance dementia care. We were  particularly pleased to underline our focus on these values by establishing the annual McCormick Care Group Employee Values Award to acknowledge those staff members who exemplify them in their own unique way.

The success of this past year lies in the work we’ve done together – in the involvement we’ve had with so many members of our organization who serve in all areas of  care, administration and service delivery. We are particularly pleased that we have been able to respond to the Ontario Dementia Strategy through the pilot expansion of our overnight respite care program, the opportunities we’ve taken to enhance staff education, and the fine-tuning of many support programs we’ve been offering to our residents, clients and family members.

As I close my final year of serving as board chair, it has been a privilege to work with and learn from so many dedicated and talented individuals. Throughout my tenure,  I have had the honour of working with an exceptional team that remains focused on earning the trust of those we work with and serve. It becomes clear when we shift the focus from ourselves to others that we are indeed moving forward together.

Trish Fulton
Board Chair
McCormick Care Group