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Dimensions Newsletter Fall 2021

Moving in the Right Direction

We continue to move steadily through the fourth phase of the COVID-19 pandemic and are relieved at the recent lifting of some pandemic restrictions that were recently announced in our province. All of our staff deserve much credit for carrying on to help our residents, clients and families feel well cared for despite the ongoing uncertainties we face. We are buoyed by the many comforting and reassuring messages of thanks and support we have been receiving over these last several months. We hope that be able to return to our familiar connectedness in the not-too-distant future.

How to Prepare for Hospital Emergencies

No one ever wants to visit a hospital emergency department, but on occasion the need for emergent medical attention is needed. Here are a few tips to make the visit less confusing for your loved one with dementia and less stressful for yourself.

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Hearing Loss and Effective Communication

Hearing loss is the third most prevalent chronic condition in older adults. Aging is the number- one cause of hearing loss, affecting nearly 46% of people between the ages of 45 and 87.

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Practicing Mindfulness to Stay Positive

This time of year always brings feelings of joy – seeing the fall colours, celebrating with family and friends at Thanksgiving and preparing for Christmas. We also may be thinking of the upcoming winter months and how we will be limited in getting outdoors and/or visiting others due to inclement weather.

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The Benefits of Essential Oils

You may have heard about essential oils - natural aromatic compounds that are extracted from various parts of a plant, including the seed, bark, leaf, rind and/or flower. They are not a manufactured fragrance that you would find in products such as air fresheners, beauty products or candles, but are a natural derivative that are becoming more popular as consumers look for non-artificial ways to improve health, including emotional and physical wellbeing.

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A Salute to our Health Care Heroes

We are pleased to share this video from the McCormick Care Foundation honouring our health care heroes - all the members of our nursing, nutrition, environmental, administrative and support staff - who have worked hard to keep those in our care safe throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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