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Dimensions Newsletter Fall 2023

Report from the Board Chair

As we embark on the fall season, we are pleased to share this report on the past year from Cathie Auger, the chair of the McCormick Care Group Board of Directors:


This past year, we have seen a marked improvement on the COVID-19 pandemic front. In particular, we saw the relaxation of a number of long-standing pandemic-related restrictions in our community and in our dementia and long-term care sectors. Our board is deeply grateful for the diligent efforts of our staff to continue to maintain our standards of care excellence throughout the far-reaching and long-standing impacts of this tragic worldwide event. The support of our residents, clients, families, caregivers, volunteers, the McCormick Care Foundation and our community partners has been invaluable to our ongoing battle against the spread of this infection, and we are grateful to them all.

Falls and People Living with Dementia

As a person ages, the risk for falls increases, particularly in people with dementia. Furthermore, people living with Parkinson’s disease, vascular, and Lewy body dementia are at an even higher risk of mobility disturbances. Consider that someone with dementia may experience impacts to some or all of the following ...

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More than Just Fun and Games

Participating in the McCormick Day Program may seem like it’s all about fun and games, but there’s certainly more to the program than that. Even the table games that we engage the clients in are more complex than what you may think. These games can vary in cognitive complexity: Some may simply be games of chance, while others may require some strategic thinking, answering short questions or responding to conversation starters.

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Making the Connection

When the need for personal support worker (PSW) assistance for your person in the home is required, it’s often not easy for the care partner, the person living with dementia or the PSW.  There are a few things you can prepare for and provide, so that the PSW – a virtual stranger in your home – can be successful in providing care for your person.

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Care Partners and Change

Have you ever wondered why change is so difficult for us as human beings? Although change is a simple word, it can mean so many things to the person experiencing it. As a care partner, you could be changing homes, changing relationships or routines, or facing something completely different from what you are used to.

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