Dimensions Newsletter-July 2019


Photographic Memories

Using Tablet

Using tablet technology to share old family photos with someone who has dementia is a simple and effective way to enhance conversation and to help preserve communication skills.

For many people, a loved one’s dementia diagnosis not only means a loss of shared memories, but also a decline in the experience of personal, meaningful conversation. At its most fundamental level, conversation brings people together and helps establish and develop relationships.


Enjoying the Summer: Staying at Home

Now that summer has finally arrived, many of us begin to dream of traveling. Vacations provide a wonderful time to get away from daily routines and escape some of life’s demands. However, for some people, traveling may not always be possible.

Enjoying the Summer: Traveling

With the summer months upon us at last, many of us look forward to making vacation plans to visit family, friends or a favourite destination. If you are a caregiver of someone with dementia, you may find that the idea of traveling presents some challenges. However, there is no reason to give up traveling altogether.

The Enduring Gift of Music

The gift of music knows no bounds – not even those imposed by Alzheimer disease. And the experience of Barb and Jon Baskerville is certainly no exception. Despite Jon’s Alzheimer diagnosis, the husband-and-wife singing duo unwaveringly continue to share their talents and love of music with others.

From Volunteering to Friendship

Gary Dallner’s journey as a McCormick Home volunteer came as a natural extension of the time he spent visiting the home to see his father back in 1983. During these visits, the now-retired high school teacher took notice of those residents who had no friends or family to connect with and began to casually strike up a conversation or two. “I really enjoyed it,” says Gary. “I was starting to think that they were getting something out of it, too.”

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