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Enjoying the Summer: Staying at Home

Dimensions Newsletter JULY-19

Enjoying the Summer: Staying at home


Now that summer has finally arrived, many of us begin to dream of traveling. Vacations provide a wonderful time to get away from daily routines and escape some of life’s demands.  However, for some people, traveling may not always be possible.

An alternative to going away is what many call a “staycation,” which can benefit those who have a difficult time adjusting to a change of environment and routine. Staying home can provide some wonderful opportunities to explore different countries without having leave the comforts of home. Consider watching a travel video and enjoying a meal from that country. You can still get the feeling of visiting another place and enjoy the culture and food without the traveling expenses and time zone changes.

You could also listen to music from another country while looking at photos of family or friends who may have toured these locations. Reaching out to others and having them share their photos with you can create a special visit that may not always happen in regular daily life.

You may also wish to explore your own city.  Simply take a walk together or visit places that you have not been to before.  Summer is a wonderful time!  A more relaxed schedule, no matter where you are, can bring you a renewed spirit and a well-deserved rest.  Whatever activity you enjoy, the most important benefit is that you are sharing your time together.

Happy travels — near or far!

Submitted by McCormick Dementia Services Recreation Staff.