Dimensions Newsletter-Summer-2020

Dimensions Summer 2020

Update from McCormick Care Group

Summer 2020 Still Smiling

Welcome to our latest issue of Dimensions.  I would like to thank you all for your support and words of encouragement as we continue to navigate one of the most challenging times our world has ever encountered.

The COVID-19 crisis has affected nearly every aspect of life, and we still face uncertain times ahead. Yet, I am heartened by how people are responding – I have witnessed remarkable acts of charity, kindness and generosity since this crisis began. I am certain that as we forge ahead, we will continue to do so together – unified, determined and courageous. I particularly want to acknowledge our staff at McCormick Home and McCormick Dementia Services and to people everywhere who are continuing to provide support, care and wellbeing to those in need.

McCormick Care Group

Joyful Reunions

On June 18, 2020, McCormick Home was featured in a story on the touching re-connection of Victor and Betty Morris, who have been married for 64 years.  The occasion was made possible by a partial lifting of the visitor restriction policy enacted by the Ministry of Long-Term Care several weeks ago.

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Providing extraordinary virtual care

Providing Extraordinary Virtual Care

Since the closure of the McCormick Day Program back in March, we have been forced to re-think how we offer our caregiver education and support services, and how we deliver meaningful recreation programming to our clients and their caregivers.

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McCormick Care Group

Meeting the Challenge

The impacts to long-term care of the COVID-19 pandemic are almost too numerous to count.  Many of the strict measures imposed were taken in order to protect one of society’s most vulnerable sectors. The rapid pace of change and ever-increasing regulations mandated by our government and health officials presented an ongoing challenge to those in our care, their families and our staff members.

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McCormick Care Group

Staying Safe and Connected

Keeping families connected with their loved ones throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has been a priority at McCormick Home.  The extreme, but necessary measures enacted by the Ontario government to keep residents safe presented a number of challenges for staff, but they were quickly met head-on with the swift enactment of alternative methods to help people feel close, despite the distance.

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McCormick Care Group

Bridging the Distance

The onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic struck nearly every aspect of life with a quick and stunning blow.  Within the fallout, particularly for our more vulnerable senior population, lay a particularly impacted segment – those who are caring for someone with dementia at home.  No longer available were the adult day programs, where caregivers would send their loved ones for quality programming and respite for themselves, nor the standard in-person services, such as support groups, overnight respite, or on-site counselling.

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