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Dimensions Newsletter Summer 2023

McCormick Home Voted Best in London

I am pleased to share that McCormick Home was announced as the Best Nursing Home in The London Free Press Best of London rankings earlier this spring. As we continue to recover from the impacts of the pandemic, we are particularly honoured at this year’s achievement.

I can say with certainty that this honour would not have been possible without the incredible support received from our residents, staff, families, volunteers, the McCormick Care Foundation and our community partners.

Caregiving is All about Balance

Consider, if you will, a beautiful boat floating gracefully across the water, looking so serene and peaceful. It’s a scene that has been the basis of many photos and paintings. Have you ever taken a moment to consider a more in-depth look at those kinds of pictures?

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Dance Like There’s Nobody Watching

Dancing is something that comes naturally to human beings. Since prehistoric times, dance has been used as a form of expression, celebration, or ritual. Dancing in a social setting causes the release of the chemical in the brain that reduces stress and pain, and is a regular activity at the McCormick Day Program.

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Engaging in Meaningful Activities

With summer here at last, we find ourselves engaging more fully with the world around us. Finding meaningful activities in keeping with the warmer season is a great way to keep a loved one active and involved. According to researchers Barbara J. Harmer and Martin Orrell, meaningful activity was found to be “part of human nature, which can provide structure to life and meaning to individuals.

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What to Keep in Mind When Starting an Activity

Having an idea for an interesting activity for your loved one is an important first step toward getting them involved and engaged. It is not unexpected that at times they may be hesitant or unsure of what to expect when starting an activity, including activities they have performed many times in the past and would otherwise be very familiar with.

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Please note that most of the photos in this issue were taken pre-COVID. All staff and visitors are still required to wear masks and perform proper hand hygiene when connecting with our residents and clients.

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