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McCormick Care Group Announces Strategic Directions for 2016-2019

McCormick Care Group

McCormick Care Group Announces Strategic Directions for 2016-2019

October 6, 2016

London, ON – The McCormick Care Group has announced their strategic directions for the next three years in support of their goal to be a leader in dementia care by 2022.

Since 2012, the McCormick Care Group has been working toward responding to the growing need for dementia care and, in this latest set of strategic directions, will be focusing particularly on enhancing staff development and building a strategic research program in order to achieve this goal.

The strategic priorities for 2016 to 2019 are as follows:

  • Strengthen a relationship-centred approach to care
  • Create an environment that makes McCormick a preferred place to work
  • Create an environment that is senior- and dementia-friendly
  • Conduct research and transform knowledge into practice
  • Build strategic partnerships

Along with the strategic directions, the board of directors has also released their updated aim, mission, vision and values:


By 2022, McCormick Care Group will be recognized as one of Canada’s leaders in innovative dementia care through robust staff development and a strategic research program.


To create a caring community in which clients, residents, family members and caregivers – especially those living with dementia – feel a sense of safety, belonging and purpose.


To champion care that enables people with dementia to lead meaningful lives and to strategically invest in innovative programs, staff development, knowledge sharing, best-practice applications, and research projects that focus on improving care.


The McCormick Care Group states that the following principles will be used to guide interactions with residents, families, staff and partners:

  • Compassion: We listen to understand the hopes and needs of those we serve, and do our best to respond. We treat each other with kindness and dignity.
  • Accountability:  We earn the trust of those we serve, our teams and our partners by honouring our commitments. We carefully and responsibly manage our resources.
  • Respect: We value diverse cultures and perspectives. We communicate honestly and politely. We nurture relationships with our clients, residents, and families, and advocate passionately on their behalf.
  • Excellence: We bring our best to work every day and lead by example. We use current research evidence and best practice guidelines to continuously improve the care we provide. We celebrate our successes.
  • Collaboration: We strengthen our teams, learn from each other and contribute to enhancing the health care system through respectful cooperation, knowledge sharing, and mutually beneficial partnerships.

“The development of our strategic directions involved extensive consultation and engagement with our key stakeholders, including our staff, volunteers, families, residents and community partners,” says Steven Crawford, CEO of McCormick Care Group. “It is particularly important that the development of our strategic plan be closely connected with the people who understand and have first-hand experience of our care model.”

With the launch of their new organizational name in April, McCormick Care Group also announced the founding of McCormick Dementia Research to formalize the organization’s research interests toward improving the model of dementia care.

The next step will be to develop a detailed implementation plan, which will also involve extensive consultation with internal stakeholders over the next several weeks.

For more information:

Monica Fleck
Communication Director
McCormick Care Group
Phone:  519-432-2648, ext. 2405

About McCormick Care Group:

Established in 1874 as the Women’s Christian Association, the McCormick Care Group has a long and remarkable history of providing compassionate care, including the founding of Parkwood Hospital, McCormick Home, McCormick Dementia Services (formerly Alzheimer Outreach Services) and Wellspring London and Region.

 About McCormick Home:

McCormick Home was established in 1892, when the late Thomas J. McCormick built a home and donated it to the Women’s Christian Association for the care of the elderly. The home cares for adults, primarily those with dementia, who require a range of personal and health services, and who are no longer able to live safely and independently in the community. The home creates an environment that encourages residents to be as active, independent and involved in life as possible.

About McCormick Dementia Services:

Since 1985, McCormick Dementia Services has been offering day programs for people living with dementia as well as support programs for their caregivers. The organization is committed to preserving the dignity and quality of life for those impacted by dementia and offers a program based on person-centred care.

About McCormick Dementia Research:

McCormick Dementia Research is committed to supporting, sharing, collaborating and engaging in research activity that enhances the lives of people living with dementia and their caregivers. Based in London, Ontario, McCormick Dementia Research was developed by the McCormick Care Group to formalize the organization’s research interests toward improving the model of dementia care.

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