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McCormick Care Group

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McCormick Care Group

Founded in London in 1874 as the Women’s Christian Association (WCA), the McCormick Care Group is committed to advancing dementia care through the programs and services delivered at McCormick Home, a long-term care home for seniors; McCormick Dementia Services, a community-based program that is committed to enhancing quality of life for clients and their care partners; and McCormick Dementia Research, our research program that is dedicated to enhancing the model of dementia care through strategic research partnerships and collaborations.

Advancing Dementia Care

We know the particular challenges that living with dementia can bring, as well as the many ways that quality of life can be maintained and even enhanced. Our staff are dedicated professionals who deliver individualized care in an environment where everyone is respected and treated with dignity.

Advancing Dementia Support

We understand the needs of those living with dementia, including care partners, and how essential it is to be able to draw on support services. Our innovative day and respite programs are delivered by staff who believe strongly in preserving dignity and quality of life through person-centred care.

Advancing Innovation in Care

Our care and support services endeavour to minimize the physical and emotional effects of dementia on our residents, clients and their care partners. In support of this goal, we engage in thoughtful and strategic research partnerships and collaborations that advance dementia care.

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The McCormick Care Group has a long and remarkable history of providing compassionate care to the community, including the establishment of McCormick Home, McCormick Dementia Services (formerly Alzheimer Outreach Services), McCormick Dementia Research, Parkwood Hospital and Wellspring London and Region. Our services are administered through three dedicated divisions – please click for more information:


McCormick Home   McCormick Dementia Services   McCormick Dementia Research

McCormick Care Foundation Long Term Care
Following the day-to-day lives of four residents of McCormick Home’s Long Term Care Home, we learn how life can be, rich, delightful, and full of the joys of adventure and discovery in our golden years.