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Our History

Our History

Ellen GregstenThe McCormick Care Group is a charitable organization based on London, Ontario. Founded in 1874 at the Women’s Christian Association (WCA), the McCormick Care Group has a long and remarkable history of providing compassionate care to the community, including the establishment of McCormick Home, McCormick Dementia Services (formerly Alzheimer Outreach Services), Parkwood Hospital, Wellspring London and Region and McCormick Dementia Research.

Today, the McCormick Care Group oversees the operation of McCormick Home, a long-term care home for seniors; McCormick Dementia Services, a program that serves individuals and their families who are coping with dementia; and McCormick Dementia Research, a newly established research division committed to discovering innovations in dementia care.

McCormick Home has existed since the late 1800s when the late Thomas J. McCormick built a home and donated it to the Women’s Christian Association for the care of the elderly. The McCormick Dementia Services program began as Alzheimer Outreach Services at Parkwood Hospital in 1986. In 2006, the home and McCormick Dementia Services were relocated to Kains Road in West London. Both organizations share the core values of Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Excellence. The McCormick Care Group exemplifies these values by being committed to providing both funding and governance of organizations that deliver compassionate care services. Solidly rooted within the London community, the McCormick Care Group is accountable to the people it services as well as to its government regulators, funders and other stakeholders.

In all it does, the McCormick Care Group strives to meet its vision that people facing the challenges of aging and dementia will achieve an enhanced quality of life.

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