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Rebranding Project

Rebranding Project

Introducing our New Look

We are most pleased to share our new brand identity with you! As many of you know, for the last several months we have been undergoing a rebranding exercise for the WCA, McCormick Home and Alzheimer Outreach Services. In keeping with our strategic directions, we are working on creating the right organizational identity as we continue on our dementia care leadership journey.

Stakeholder engagement and consultation formed the cornerstone of this activity. We would like to thank everyone who participated in our outreach efforts. Involving you as an important member of our community has been a critical guiding principle for this project.

Our New Logos

Following last fall’s announcement of new our organizational names – McCormick Care Group, McCormick Dementia Services, McCormick Home and our new McCormick Dementia Research division – we are thrilled to share with you our new organizational logos. The results from our logo survey pointed to this design, and we are particularly proud that our results reflect the majority of our stakeholder feedback.

McCormickC Care Group          McCormick Home

McCormick Dementia Services          McCormick Dementia Ressearch

Through its circular design, the new visual brand conveys a sense of embracing and inclusivity. The use of a circle was intentional in communicating that dementia care is an evolving process and that quality of care is at the “centre” of what McCormick Care Group does. A supporting descriptive tagline accompanies the main and sub-brands that reflects the specific services of each.

The visual brand is clean, simple and professional. The intersecting arcs that form the circle are representative of McCormick Care Group’s three distinctive areas of support and service: McCormick Home, McCormick Dementia Services and McCormick Dementia Research — each working together in a continuum of dementia care. There is a sense of energy, movement and progress in the circle, which reflects of McCormick Care Group’s ongoing commitment to continually improving dementia care.

Looking Ahead

We are excited about our new look and the direction we are taking. We are also excited to be bringing some consistency to our visual identity that can only help fortify our brand and enable us to better connect with those who would benefit from our services.

Over the next several months, our promotional materials will be updated with our new look in an environmentally and fiscally responsible manner. As such, for a period of time, both the former and new logos may be seen in active use. As a first step in this process, we are pleased to share with you our new website. We invite you to take a look around and share with us any feedback you may have. As with our branding project overall, your continuing input enables us to ensure we are reaching out in the most effective ways.

Contact Us

Once again, I would like to acknowledge the importance of your involvement in our branding project and am grateful to you for sharing your comments with us and enabling us to arrive at this very important milestone in our organizational history.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Steve Crawford
CEO, McCormick Care Group
519-432-2648 ext. 2319

For more information on our rebranding project, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.