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Strategic Plan 2019-2022

Strategic Plan 2019-2022

In response to extensive input gathered from both internal and external stakeholders, the McCormick Care Group has developed its strategic directions for 2019-2022.

We are grateful for the thoughtful and constructive input that enabled us to ensure the relevance and intent of our work.



By 2022, McCormick Care Group will be recognized as one of Canada’s leaders in innovative dementia care.


To create a caring community in which our clients, residents, family members and care partners– especially those living with dementia – feel a sense of safety, belonging and purpose.


To champion care that enables people living with dementia to lead meaningful lives and to invest strategically in innovative programs, staff development, knowledge sharing, best-practice applications, and research that focuses on improving care.



We listen to understand the hopes and needs of those we serve, and do our best to respond. We treat each other with kindness and dignity.


We earn the trust of those we serve, our teams and our partners by honouring our commitments. We carefully and responsibly manage our resources.


We value diverse cultures and perspectives. We communicate honestly and politely. We nurture relationships with our clients, residents, and families, and advocate passionately on their behalf.


We bring our best to work every day and lead by example. We use current research evidence and best-practice guidelines to continuously improve the care we provide. We celebrate our successes.


We strengthen our teams, learn from each other and contribute to enhancing the health care system through respectful cooperation, knowledge sharing, and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Strategic Priorities 2019-2022

  • Develop strategic private- and public-sector relationships to enhance and respond to health system changes
  •  Respond to growing demand for dementia care by influencing how, where and when care is offered
  • Meet care partner needs for dementia education, support and well-being
  • Invest in strategies that will enhance relationship-centred care, staff engagement and McCormick community member involvement
  • Optimize research, innovation and technology opportunities
  • Ensure the safety of residents, clients, staff, volunteers and care partners while preserving quality of life for all

Building on Our Strengths

Our strategic priorities for 2019-2022 continue to build on the framework established by the following objectives:

Strengthening our relationship-centred approach to care

As we continue our culture-change journey, we actively involve McCormick community members (clients, residents, employees, families, volunteers) in all aspects of implementing priority relationship-centred care projects. We recognize the importance of relationships and excellent care. We invest in building skills that promote teamwork and reach out to McCormick community members and other partners to help build understanding of relationship-centred care and its benefits. We put in place programs and services to address the education and support needs of care partners.

Creating an environment that makes McCormick a preferred place to work

McCormick attracts and retains employees and volunteers who have a passion for supporting people with dementia and their care partners using relationship-centred care principles.  We create a culture of always learning and improving together.  McCormick is a positive, safe, inclusive and collaborative workplace where teamwork is highly valued.  Everyone has opportunities to build skills, learn resiliency strategies and contribute to projects.

Creating an environment that is senior- and dementia-friendly

McCormick’s indoor and outdoor spaces are welcoming, comfortable and safe. Our physical spaces and social environments enable us to deliver relationship-centred programs, services and care; conduct research; learn together; and provide a healthy place to live and work.  Our setting empowers clients and residents to live life to the fullest.  We pursue opportunities to use technology to find efficiencies, enhance safety and improve quality of life.

Conducting research and moving knowledge into practice

Our research projects are inspired by ideas generated by McCormick community members and academic partners. We have the resources we need (including space, technology and skills) to be a research hub that focuses on moving knowledge into practice.  For each improvement project we take on, we measure our processes and results. Within the McCormick community, we openly communicate research and evaluation plans, what we learn and how the results influence our care, services and workplace.  We contribute to health-system change and evidence-informed care by sharing our research experiences with other long-term care homes, day programs, hospitals, and community and respite care organizations.

Strengthening strategic partnerships

We contribute to health system transformation by advocating for people with dementia and their care partners; serving on regional, provincial and national committees; and seeking collaborative partnerships and joint initiatives with private- and public-sector organizations. We foster an organizational fund-development culture and collaborate with the McCormick Care Foundation so that we can continue to support relationship-centred programs, services and environments.