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Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, Vision, Values

 Support Services

To make a positive difference in the lives of people with dementia and their care partners.


To enhance the care and support of people living with dementia in the community and in long-term care by conducting, supporting, implementing and sharing research results.

We will:
  • Learn from individuals and care partners about effective care practices
  • Implement the best practices in care
  • Collaborate and form partnerships with others engages in innovation and discovery in dementia
  • Engage with researchers to advance knowledge of best practices in care
  • Communicate and share the results of our work


We strive to understand the needs, realities and hopes of those we serve, and advocate passionately on their behalf.


We are responsible stewards of the resources given to us in trust. We accept our obligations to the individuals we serve and we collaborate with others to improve the quality of life in our community.


We are ethical, fair and sensitive in our relationships with others. We provide an environment in which the individual has an opportunity to make a difference.


We endeavour to provide the best possible experience and care to those we serve. We encourage intellectual curiosity and innovation, and have the courage to explore new ideas.

Mission Components:
  • Engage partners to develop regional networks for dementia care in Ontario
  • Develop a shared vision with partners developing local and regional networks
  • Ensure all activities are in alignment with the goals of the Southwest Local Health Integration Network and we are engaged with LHIN-funded initiatives, such as the Behavioural Support Services Project
  • Be willing to invest resources in promoting regional network
  • Ensure that researchers across Ontario understand our areas of interest for research
  • Engage the research community through the establishment of a Research Advisory Committee
  • Be willing to invest resources in promoting our research interests
  • Engage the McCormick Care Foundation in funding research
  • Define our research interest in dementia care
  • Develop research projects that lead to evidence-based best practices in dementia care
  • Develop a care model supported by evidence-based best practices that can be shared with others
  • Build in ongoing evaluation of the model to ensure continuous improvement
  • Engage the McCormick Care Foundation and other funders to support pilot projects
  • Introduce evidence-based best practice care initiatives throughout the organization
  • Attract funding required to implement evidence-based care
  • Evaluate the performance improvements and modify care model as required

Develop communication plans to address the needs in the following phases:

  • Building awareness
  • Attracting researchers
  • Implementing pilot projects to lead to evidence-based care
  • Sharing results of research and pilot projects
  • Implementing evidence-based models of care