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Social Relationships in Long-Term Care


Announcement of New Research Project with Brescia University College

Social Relationships in Long-Term Care

December 16, 2013
Katherine Boughton, Brescia University College


A student from Brescia University College is conducting a research study on social relationships in long-term care. The study seeks to gain a deeper understanding of how residents develop and maintain relationships as well as the importance that these social relationships have on residents.


As part of the WCA’s goal to be a leader in innovative dementia care by 2022, exploring new ways to provide care and support is an integral part of this effort. This exploration involves collaborating in research activity and working with our community partners to discover how we can enhance the lives of those in our care.


The study involves conducting observation sessions and interviewing between five and 10 residents at McCormick Home about their experience with relationships in long-term care. The research will include looking at the development of relationships within the facility as well as the maintenance of existing relationships. Resident participation is voluntary and all proper consents will be arranged. Participants:


The student conducting the research, Katherine Boughton, is a Sociology student at Brescia University College. The information gathered will remain confidential and will only be viewed by Katherine and her research advisory team.

Timing and Location:

Interviews with participating residents will take p lace in early 2014. The full study is expected to be completed by April 2014.

If you have any questions, please contact Steve Crawford, CEO, WCA, at 432-2648 ext. 2319, or by e-mail at