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Spousal Support Group

McCormick Spousal Support Group-Living with a Spouse at Home

Living with a spouse who has dementia brings with it the unique challenges of incorporating a caregiving role into the spousal relationship. We have worked with hundreds of people to help them manage their spouse’s dementia journey, while enabling them to maintain the relationship through its varying stages.

Group sessions help promote advanced knowledge and skills in dementia care and provide an environment that is supportive, educational, and social, and one that celebrates the successes in caregiving. It consists of a combination of formal and informal group meetings.

For those who have a spouse living in any long-term care home in the community, we offer a special support group called the McCormick Spousal Support Group-Living with a Spouse in Long-Term Care. There are separate dates and times for this group, so please follow that link for more information.


This group for spouses who are living at home meets four times monthly, and provides a special support network of others who are facing the same situation.

Pre-registration is required to participate. Please register by calling a social worker at 519-439-9336.

For more information, please contact us.