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COVID-19 Update #2 March 25 2020

McCormick Care Group – COVID-19 Update #2

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

This is a second McCormick Care Group – COVID-19 Update for Wednesday, March 25, 2020.  We will continue to provide these updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as needed.

Currently there are no probable or suspected cases of COVID-19 among our residents or staff at this time.

Please be reminded that for everyone’s safety and wellbeing, families are advised to stay at home and not engage in visiting of any kind with their loved one during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Some family members are attempting to visit their loved ones through the windows on our ground floor.  As this particular area is home to people who have more advanced dementia, the potential for triggering responsive behaviours and upsetting our residents is increased considerably.  Please respect the need to keep all our residents calm, regardless of where they live in the home, and support our hard-working staff during this difficult time by keeping away from all our windowed areas.

We strongly recommend that, as a community, we each do our part to adhere to the government’s directive to stay at home and prevent further infection.

We recognize that this is a very difficult time.  Please be reminded that we welcome any requests from families to visit their loved ones via Skype or Facetime.  Please call Joanne Nancekivell at 519-432-2648 ext. 2369 to arrange your virtual visit.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.