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COVID-19 Update – Air Conditioning


We are  pleased to report that our external service provider arrived on site and our air conditioning has been restored! Thank you to everyone who offered to bring fans.  We are still waiting for a new part to arrive but are hopeful we can get through until the part arrives.

We regret to announce that we are experiencing a failure in our air handler that controls the air conditioning in the resident wings (bedroom areas).  We have designated cooling areas in our dining rooms, activity rooms and dens that are controlled by air conditioning units that are fully functional.  We are working with our service provider to get this system restored as soon as possible; however, we are waiting for a new motor, which may not arrive until Monday.

Residents will be offered additional fluids, popsicles and cold compresses.  Fans will be running to help circulate the cool air from the cooling zones down through the wings.

If at all possible, please limit your visits to the home while we wait for the parts to arrive in order to reduce confusion and extra body heat, as well as to assist us in managing our COVID-19 protocols.

Thank you for your understanding,

Tanya Pol,