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COVID-19 Update June 11 2020

McCormick Care Group – COVID-19 Update

Thursday, June 11, 2020

This is a McCormick Care Group – COVID-19 Update for Thursday, June 11, 2020.  We will continue to provide these updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as needed.

There are no probable or suspected cases of COVID-19 among our residents or staff at this time.

Today, CBC London ran an article about new COVID-19 cases in London: 8 new COVID-19 cases in London region Wednesday.  This article shows a photo of the McCormick Home entrance and may suggest that we have experienced an infection as part of this latest outbreak.  Please note that we continue to have no COVID-19 cases among our residents or staff.  We have kindly requested that CBC London issue a correction so as not to cause confusion during what is an uncertain and emotional time for many of us.

Thank you,

Tanya Pol,