COVID-19 Update September 2 2021-3

McCormick Care Group – COVID-19 Update #3

Thursday, September 2, 2021

This is a third McCormick Care Group – COVID-19 Update for Thursday, September 2, 2021.  

We have just received an update on the health unit’s investigation, which shows that there is a high probability that the first staff member who tested positive for COVID-19 may have been working during the infection’s incubation period. As a result, all residents in Evergreen Walk, Willow Ridge, Maple Grove and Memory Lane will be getting a PCR test today to ensure no transmission to our residents has occurred.  Until all results are known, we are considered to be in a suspected outbreak.  As a precaution and at the direction of the health unit, all residents in these four home areas will be in isolation.  Based on exposure dates, Willow Ridge and Maple Grove will be in isolation until September 5, 2021; and Evergreen Walk and Memory Lane residents will be in isolation until September 11, 2021.

An update will be provided as soon as we have the PCR results for the staff and residents.

Thank you,

Tanya Pol,