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COVID-19 Update September 2 2021

McCormick Care Group – COVID-19 Update

Thursday, September 2, 2021

This is a McCormick Care Group – COVID-19 Update for Thursday, September 2, 2021.  

Yesterday, we had a staff member test positive for COVID-19.  This result did not create an outbreak situation or require any further action following consultation with the health unit, as the staff member has not been in the home for the past six days.

Unfortunately, we had a second staff member test positive through rapid testing last night.  As previously communicated, a rapid test is a screening tool, and we are waiting results from the PCR diagnostic swab to determine if it is a true positive or a false positive result.

This staff member has worked on Evergreen Walk and Memory Lane in the last 48 hours.  At this time, we have been directed by the health unit to have all staff cohort to Memory Lane and Evergreen Walk. Staff will be required to take their breaks in the chart rooms, with the door closed. Enhanced cleaning will be conducted on these home areas. We remain in contact with the health unit and are awaiting further instructions.

An update will be provided as soon as possible.

Tanya Pol,