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Optimizing the Design of Living Spaces for People with Dementia

McCormick Dementia Research

December 2018

Optimizing the Design of Living Spaces for People with Dementia


McCormick Dementia Research is working with Fanshawe College on a research study of the design of living spaces and the associated impacts on quality of life for people with dementia.


McCormick Dementia Research is committed to conducting, supporting, sharing and engaging in research activity that enhances quality of life for people living with dementia and their caregivers. The results from this study will improve our understanding of how to create optimal living spaces for people with dementia.


The program involves observing the daily living activities of people with dementia and how they interact with their surroundings in five particular areas:  wayfinding, as well as nursing stations, recreation spaces, dining rooms and bathing areas. The aim is to better understand how to optimize the layout of these spaces to improve quality of life.


A total of 25 students from Fanshawe’s Interior Design program have been participating in this study under the supervision of Natalie Rowe, Professor of Interior Design at Fanshawe’s Faculty of Arts, Media and Design.  Participation is voluntary.  Proper consents have been received, and confidentiality of the participants is being strictly maintained.

If you have any questions, please contact Steve Crawford, CEO, McCormick Care Group, at 519-432-2648 ext. 2319, or by e-mail at