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Volunteer Exit Survey

Volunteer Exit Survey

We are grateful to all our volunteers at McCormick Home and McCormick Dementia Services for sharing their time and talents with those in our care.  In our efforts to continually improve the care we provide through our volunteer program, please take a moment to let us know about your experience while volunteering with us.

Thank you again for your valuable time and support!

    Please note that all fields with an asterisk * are required.

    * Your Name

    * Email

    * Volunteer Position

    * Reason for Leaving

    * Duration of Volunteer Role

    * Approximate End Date

    * Area of Volunteer Work
    McCormick HomeMcCormick Dementia Services

    Please answer the following questions:

    * When you applied to volunteer, were you contacted promptly and informed of the volunteer opportunities available?
    YesNoNeutral/I Don’t Know

    * Was your initial orientation informative?
    YesNoNeutral/I Don’t Know

    * Did you get enough direction from the staff in your role?
    YesNoNeutral/I Don’t Know

    * Did you gain knowledge of how to work with the elderly and/or cognitively impaired?

    YesNoNeutral/I Don’t Know

    * Throughout your volunteer experience did you feel welcomed and appreciated?

    YesNoNeutral/I Don’t Know

    * Did you feel you were utilized in a meaningful manner?

    YesNoNeutral/I Don’t Know

    * Would you consider volunteering for this organization again in the future?

    YesNoNeutral/I Don’t Know

    What did you enjoy most about your volunteer placement?

    Were there any barriers that you encountered when carrying out your volunteer activities?

    Do you have any suggestions on what might have improved your volunteer experience?

    Do you have any additional comments or suggestions?

    Thank you for completing our survey!
    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.